We solve two people problems.

Too many people are struggling at work.

Their mental and physical health suffer.
The ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ are their answer.

Leaders need their people to thrive.

People cannot do their best work when work isn’t working for them. Their performance suffers. The ‘War on Talent’ and the ‘Productivity Gap’ are urgent problems.


Globally, the percentage of people who hate their jobs.


84% vs 66%

In the UK & US, people who want to work in a kind organisation vs. those who say they do.



The cost to UK employers because of workers struggling with mental health.


Individuals, teams and companies thrive when they #WorkKind

Wake up Kick ass be kind repeat. The Kindness corporation

The ROI of workplace kindness is clear.

We’ve researched. We’ve worked with people at all levels in all kinds of organisations. And the evidence is overwhelming. A deliberate focus on kindness in the purpose, strategies, operating models, mindset, behaviours and practices produces better people and business outcomes:

  • Investments in workplace kindness create a positive financial return.
  • We have research evidence and operational experience of 15 business benefits of kindness at work.
  • And 12 ways it improves wellbeing.

How do improvements including increased: trust, wellbeing, engagement, teamwork, productivity, performance, innovation, DE&I, talent attraction & retention, return on salary… sound to you?

#WorkKind leads to better.

We certify companies as #WorkKind Companies. We support individuals with the #WorkKind Community.

KCert Card

Are you one of the 10 7?

In 2023 we will certify 10 companies as kind. 3 are in progress. Is your company next?

In 2023 The Kindness Corporation will work with a maximum of 10 organisations and support them in fully leveraging the power of workplace kindness.

We are looking for exemplars of what it means to #WorkKind. We want to support those organisations to become stronger through kindness, and work with them to share their story to celebrate their work to #WorkKind which will inspire others.

Certification takes no more than 8 weeks and everyone is making the same investment of £5,000.

Become a #WorkKind Company

We’ve got your back. You just don’t know it yet.

Work better, live more. #WorkKind

The #WorkKind Community is a weekly global gathering of professionals like you who all believe in the power of working kind so that they thrive at work, do their best work, work well with colleagues, and thrive too in their lives beyond work.

For members, it has become a looked-forward-to weekly hour of community, creativity, and calm. Think of it as your “personal advisory board,” who has your best interests at heart, who will support you with your goals and intentions, help you keep your wellbeing and personal growth on track, and call you out on your shit.

We meet weekly on Teams for an hour every Tuesday at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET, and chat most days on WhatsApp.

Membership is for 46 consecutive weeks. At $200, it’s less than the price of a fancy coffee every week.

You’re not the only one who thinks this way. We are your tribe.


Work with us and you’ll be in good #WorkKind company.


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Work better, live more. #WorkKind

When it comes to Kindness, we nerd out, obsess and go all in.

We live it in our thoughts, words and actions with the intention of inspiring a #WorkKind movement that benefits people, the planet and redefines work.

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Today we start with mindfulness. Followed by the question “How do you know who is kind at work?” And are grateful for lemon water.

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