Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat

The future of work is Kind.

We’re global experts in workplace kindness challenging business with good intent.

We help organisations measure, develop and apply the competency of kindness to create workplaces where people thrive, to fuel the triple bottom line and to redefine this thing we call work.

We’ve merged our decades of business acumen and real life corporate experience with an unexpected twist- Kindness. Our work with F500 and FTSE 350 organisations across Europe, Asia and the U.S. spans Branding, Communications, Sales, Strategy, Marketing and Digital Transformation.

We live what we value.

This is who we are and what we stand for individually and collectively. Our values are the compass and litmus test for every choice we make.



Leave everyone and everything better in every thought, word and action.



Whatever you do, do it for the purpose of serving other people, the planet and all beings.



Meet others and the world with the mindset and intention of learning together and discovering what is possible.

Kindness is essential, dynamic, disruptive, sometimes difficult – always transformational.

Deliberately counter-intuitive, ‘Kind Business’ does what ‘Radical Transparency’ did twenty years ago: it challenges us to examine a familiar concept in a new, arresting light – explicitly redefining Kindness outside assumptions of niceness and ease. It focuses on organisation and transition. We help leaders measure and operationalise Kindness until it reaches a critical threshold where their organisation thrives.

Of business professionals believe businesses have a responsibility to look beyond profit and make a positive impact on society.

Greater profitability, thanks to lower absenteeism and less turnover.

Companies who have CEOs with a good character outperform “self-focused CEOs” by FIVE TIMES.

How kind is your business?

Kindness is the foundational competency that improves relationships, organisations and outcomes.

We’re building on sustainability with the first assessment of its kind designed to help organisations measure, embed and benefit from functional Kindness.

The Kindness Index™ brings a human lens to business. It offers leaders a meaningful way to predict success, mitigate risk and redefine work.

Leaders, start here

State of Kind Business Report 2021

The first annual global business report that focuses on the thriveability impact of Kindness.

Our research and data spanned multiple countries. This year, we focused on B-Corps, F500 and FTSE350 to understand their similarities and differences with regard to kindness. We also got a read on how these C-Suite leaders think about the role of kindness in business.

Then we focused on the employees. In partnership with Dynata™, we gathered insights from more than 2,000 people working in the U.S. and U.K. to understand how they feel about work and how organisational kindness differs between these two countries.

We’re sharing these insights with you with the intention of leaving you better. We’ve highlighted key business trends of 2021 to understand the possibilities for connecting, thriving and reimagining business with kindness, together in 2022.

Get kind. Click here. Read.

When it comes to Kindness, we’re obsessed, consumed- all in. It guides us and helps us recognise magnificent possibilities.

We live it in thought, word and action with the hope of leading many others to possibilities and inspiring a movement that helps us redefine work, together, for the next 100 years.

Is The Post Pandemic Workplace Any Better?

Is The Post Pandemic Workplace Any Better?

Is the post pandemic workplace any better? Are we moving forward with kindness, deeper purpose, and intelligent humility? Or, are we missing an historical opportunity?

Everyone deserves to thrive at work. The data shows we have work to do

Everyone deserves to thrive at work. The data shows we have work to do

New research found that work is the second-most-miserable activity- of 40 activities. “Only being sick in bed makes people less happy than working”. Everyone deserves to thrive and we can.

Workplace kindness boils down to magnets and paperclips

Workplace kindness- it’s all magnets and paperclips

Instead of making workplace kindness hard, we have to prioritise it. We can understand the power and promise it holds by remembering the simple truth about magnets and paper clips. 

We are the sharp point of a movement that’s happening right now.

We are corporate veterans daring to reimagine business with Kindness.
Our work supports the people and organisations that are defining the future.

We’re leading a new business mindset for people and the planet.