We solve two people problems.

Work sucks for too many people.

Their mental and physical health suffer.
The ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ are their answer.

Leaders need their people to thrive.

People cannot do their best work when work isn’t working for them. Their performance suffers. The ‘War on Talent’ and the ‘Productivity Gap’ are urgent problems.


Globally, the percentage of people who hate their jobs.


84% vs 66%

In the UK & US, people who want to work in a kind organisation vs. those who say they do.



The cost to UK employers because of workers struggling with mental health.


Individuals, teams and companies thrive when they #WorkKind

Wake up Kick ass be kind repeat. The Kindness corporation

The ROI of workplace kindness is clear.

We’ve researched. We’ve worked with people at all levels in all kinds of organisations. And the evidence is overwhelming. A deliberate focus on kindness in the purpose, strategies, operating models, mindset, behaviours and practices produces better people and business outcomes:

  • Investments in workplace kindness create a positive financial return.
  • We have research evidence and operational experience of 15 business benefits of kindness at work.
  • And 12 ways it improves wellbeing.

How do improvements including increased: trust, wellbeing, engagement, teamwork, productivity, performance, innovation, DE&I, talent attraction & retention, return on salary… sound to you?

#WorkKind leads to better.

We train and workshop with individuals, teams and companies to help them #WorkKind. The most committed we measure, benchmark and certify as kind.

Smiling Man


Thrive, smile & create

We train and support people to work with kindness.

Kindness leads to better people and business outcomes:

  • Enhanced wellbeing & happiness
  • Less stress anxiety & poor mental health
  • Lower attrition & greater talent attraction
  • Work with more meaning, joy and purpose
  • Improved productivity and best-ever work
Join, learn & grow with your tribe. $200 for a year.


Respect, trust & perform

We help build teams that work with passion, focus, and together.

Kindness helps teams perform at their peak:

  • They trust each other
  • They like working with each other
  • They are diverse, creative and innovative
  • They can achieve more, in less time
  • They achieve outstanding results with even the most limited resources
We work in 3 stages with transparent pricing.
Two women working in an office with a well lit background smiling and discussing.


Thrive, grow, create impact

Tackle head-on the issues that workers are experiencing. Create the environment for people to thrive and create their best-ever work.

Every company can #WorkKind:

  • Super-charge purpose with kindness.
  • Keep and attract the best talent.
  • Create more positive outcomes for people, planet and profit.
We work in 6 stages with transparent pricing.

Work with us and you’ll be in good #WorkKind company.


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How kind is your company?

Leaders who #WorkKind know the answer.

Organisational health and pulse surveys give leaders a sort of “meh” snapshot. We offer a mirror and a blueprint to better. We unlock the human insights you didn’t realise you needed and help you tune the dials.

The Kindness Index™ is an objective and subjective measure of the fundamental human skills, competencies and behaviours that influence how we feel, engage and work together. Run it solo or as a valuable companion to your existing surveys to take your organisation further

Our data-based SaaS based tool gives leaders a totally different way to think about their people, lead their organisations and take clear action that develops trust, unlocks creativity, boosts collaboration & innovation, mitigates risk, and creates high performing rock star organisations.

Start for free now by answering a few questions about your company. We’ll analyse the results, benchmark you and give you a view of your kindness force multipliers and where you need to do some work.

Leaders, start here

Learn how to surf the ‘waves’ or work and thrive

Join the #WorkKind Community.

Learn how to live better, be healthier and work with soul.

The #WorkKind Community is a weekly, good vibes, virtual, global gathering of people just like you, who want to live better and be healthier by learning how to surf the ‘waves’ of work with more skill.

You’ll learn how to live mindfully to boost your overall wellbeing. You’ll develop your kindness competency to help you meet the ‘waves’ of life and work with more intention, clarity and less stress.

The live, weekly facilitated sessions will help you develop a practical mindfulness practice, kind language and practices that will help you be more well in life and as you work.

We meet on Teams for one hour every Tuesday.

If you’ve read this far — it’s your tribe. Come join us.

Sign up to surf with us

We help work suck less and businesses thrive more. #WorkKind

When it comes to Kindness, we nerd out, obsess and go all in.

We live it in our thoughts, words and actions with the intention of inspiring a #WorkKind movement that benefits people, the planet and redefines work.

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Kind Leadership: The Shepherd or the Wolf?

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weve gotten kindness wrong

We’ve gotten kindness wrong

Kindness in business is as logical as peanut butter and jelly. Butterfly collars and disco. Movies and popcorn. Labs and tennis balls. Perfectly paired as they are, kindness hasn’t made it onto the corporate main stage- yet…