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Join the #WorkKind Community

The #WorkKind Community is your tribe. Come join us.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Master of Mindfulness, says, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” We reckon that’s a pretty cool way to think about work.

You’ll spend roughly 11 whole years working during your lifetime. Miscommunication, deadlines, re-orgs, competing interests, overwhelming workloads, organisational changes, crappy bosses (and more) will all arrive in ‘waves’. They’ll turn into big swells that will ripple across the rest of your world.

The difference between surviving and thriving at work is learning how to surf.

Learn how to surf the ‘waves’ or work and thrive

Join the #WorkKind Community.

Learn how to live better, be healthier and work with soul.

The #WorkKind Community is a weekly, good vibes, virtual, global gathering of people just like you, who want to live better and be healthier by learning how to surf the ‘waves’ of work with more skill.

You’ll learn how to live mindfully to boost your overall wellbeing. You’ll develop your kindness competency to help you meet the ‘waves’ of life and work with more intention, clarity and less stress.

The live, weekly facilitated sessions will help you develop a practical mindfulness practice, kind language and practices that will help you be more well in life and as you work.

We meet on Teams for one hour every Tuesday.

This is your tribe. Come join us.

Bring yourself. Bring your team.

No titles. No last names. Just people working with soul.

Live Better

Better overall health
Lower stress and anxiety
Less overwhelm
More resilience
Higher emotional intelligence
Improve cognitive function
Increase focus, retention, creativity
Improve effectiveness

Work Better

Deeper emotional intelligence
Improved ability to adapt
Create higher levels of trust
Communicate with clarity and purpose
Work with more focus and balance
Improve productivity and effectiveness

Community Benefits:

  • A Year of Skills, Support and Kind Vibes.
    The $200 membership fee covers 46 sessions across 46 weeks. Plus access to the Work Kind™ alumni community.
  • Tuesday Community session.
    One hour of live learning every week with your ‘surf guide’ Magnus, interactive cohort discussion, breakouts, Q&As, tools and practices.
  • Teams is the place.
    Join the membership community on Teams, with access to downloadable tools and practices to support you and help you thrive throughout the week.
  • Join the movement to #workkind.
    As a community member you will receive a recognition badge to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile to show the world you’re creating the workplaces of the future.

Work the way you've always wanted.

Meet Your Surf Guide.

The story behind #WorkKind

Magnus Wood

Working Kind. I’d been doing it all my corporate and startup career but I had simply never called it that. I’ve always believed that work is about showing up with your uniqueness, creating great work, and making a positive impact. Yet, for too long in my career and for the people around me, work simply wasn’t like that. Everyone I knew in my advertising and marketing career were stressed, anxious and overwhelmed most of the time. The companies I worked in felt they were battling just to stand still. Scarcity, struggling to grow, and unhappiness seemed to be the way work is.

You can read more of my story, why and how I came to #WorkKind here.

#WorkKind is nothing less than a revolution at work. It is working in ways that give us joy, meaning and self expression. It is thriving, laughing and growing in our teams. And it is every organisation making its unique positive impact on the world.

Yes, #WorkKind is a community. More importantly — it is a way of life.

Magnus Wood. Chief Kindness Officer, Author, Houseboat Dweller.