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Belong to the #WorkKind Community

We’ve got your back.

You just don’t know it yet.

The #WorkKind Community is a weekly global gathering of professionals like you. We all believe in the power of kindness and working kind so that we thrive at work, create our best work, work well with colleagues, and live our fullest lives.

For members, it has become a looked-forward-to weekly hour of community, creativity, and calm. Think of it as your “personal advisory board,” who has your best interests at heart, who will support you with your goals and intentions, help you keep your work, wellbeing and personal growth on track, and call you out on your shit.

We meet weekly on Teams for an hour every Tuesday at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET, and chat most days on WhatsApp.

We are your tribe.

How You’ll Benefit

#WorkKind helps you thrive at work.

  • Manage the bad stuff at work.

  • Reduce work’s impact on your mental health.

  • Beat burnout, create balance, and live better..

  • Create work with purpose, meaning and impact.

  • Grow your mindset, relationships, and career.

Who It’s For

You. Because you’re not the only one who thinks this way.

The #WorkKind Community is for anyone to learn and share how to build better work experiences. It’s a safe space for like-minded professionals to bounce ideas and solve problems. Members are a diverse international group with one thing in common: they truly believe in the power of working kind. As one member said:

“It’s a space to share and talk with compassionate executives without feeling like you’re a weirdo for wanting something different at work.”

What We Do Together

Fundamentally, we have each other’s backs.

We share, we learn, we grow, we laugh, and we recharge together.

We begin each session with mindfulness and sharing what we’re grateful for.

Each week has a theme.

Based on research, thinking, and practical experience Magnus, your facilitator, shares ideas, insights, and practical tools to help you be happier, more mindful, creative, and effective at work.

We explore the theme together in conversations and breakouts. And we work together to explore and find solutions for work challenges.

Themes have included burnout, working with neurodiverse colleagues, dealing with corporate layoffs, how to deal with unkind behaviours at work, self-care practises to thrive, and many more opportunities and challenges at work.

In every session, we recharge with mindfulness, solve work challenges together, and support one another.

And we leave each session recharged and reenergised for work and beyond.

Why You Should Belong

If you want to thrive at work and beyond, the #WorkKind Community is for you.

Members say:

“I’m seeking purpose, friendship, kindness – and I’m finding it lacking at work. I miss it.”

“To have a collective group to bounce ideas by and give me accountability and inspiration to write and take action! I truly believe in the power of community for resilience and action.”

“Because I have been in very unkind workplaces and think working kind is the only way to work.”

“Accountability, learning, ideas on how to handle tough scenarios.

“Reminder. Learning. Collaboration.”

“To help develop my startup in the right way.”

Your Community Leader

Magnus Wood

Working Kind. I’d been doing it all my corporate and startup career but I had simply never called it that. I’ve always believed that work is about showing up with your uniqueness, creating great work, and making a positive impact. Yet, for too long in my career and for the people around me, work simply wasn’t like that. Everyone I knew in my advertising and marketing career were stressed, anxious and overwhelmed most of the time. The companies I worked in felt they were battling just to stand still. Scarcity, struggling to grow, and unhappiness seemed to be the way work is.

You can read more of my story, why and how I came to #WorkKind here.

#WorkKind is nothing less than a revolution at work. It is working in ways that give us joy, meaning and self expression. It is thriving, laughing and growing in our teams. And it is every organisation making its unique positive impact on the world.

Yes, #WorkKind is a community. More importantly — it is a way of life.

Let’s Chat About You and #WorkKind

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Where & When

We meet weekly on Teams for an hour every Tuesday at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET, and chat most days on WhatsApp.

We are planning an optional late-summer retreat in the UK and also one in the fall in the US


Membership is for 46 consecutive weeks. At $200, it’s less than the price of a fancy coffee every week.

Slide To Read What Members Say

“#WorkKind is a chance to refocus on being kind, affirm the power and results of being kind, and to hold myself accountable for being kind. (And with lovely people!). Learn, engage, test, and explore how to do work better with other people that want the same outcomes. And laugh a lot on the way. Small investments in yourself pay big dividends!” — Senior Manager, Tech Firm
“The #WorkKind Community is a source of inspiration for me, to share ideas, problem solve and draw upon a diversity of thought from different industries about working kind.” — Co-Founder, Circular Economy Startup
“I strongly believe in the power of kindness in the workplace and focusing on collaboration over competition to drive amazing results for people and businesses alike. I loved the sound of joining a community of like-minded leaders focused on making the working world more kind!” — Strategy Director, Communications Agency
“I’m a big believer in the power of business to make a positive impact on the world, and the power of working kind to make a positive impact on individuals. In our weekly gatherings the #WorkKind Community reconnects, recharges, and reenergises me to do this.” — Sustainability Manager, Publishing Industry
"The mission resonated with me on a soul level. I spent many years working as a counselor with children and teens — helping them see the value of kindness to self and others was foundational. When I moved into a corporate environment, the mission of promoting kindness continued (fyi...tougher crowd)." — Senior Manager, Tech Firm

Work the way you've always wanted.