We Are You.

We understand the power of Kindness at work.

We’re well intended business rebels who spent decades working in the corporate world.

Our combined experience spans Digital Transformation, Sales, Corporate Strategy and Communications in F500, FTSE350, nonprofits and start-ups. What makes us different is this little twist. Kindness.

  • We understand how people work and work together are the ultimate predictors of organisational success, stability and growth.
  • We understand how organisations take their work into the world determines how well their brand will thrive today and into the future.
  • We’re raising the standard of work through actionable Kindness to lay the foundations for thriving business driven by intentional, pragmatic and responsible action.

Our Mission

To reimagine business
with Kindness

To create human-centric workplaces where every employee thrives

To inspire business practices that positively impact the planet

How This Whole Thing Started

The year before the pandemic, two business people, on two continents came together, united by one powerful mission: to reimagine business with Kindness. That mission became The Kindness Corporation™.

Hi! We’re Cole and Magnus, aka, “the two business people.”

We are architects of corporate strategy, implementation and experience who have cracked the code of Kind to transform the way the world works today and in the future.

We take a robust, data-driven approach to operationalising Kindness through awareness, choice and deliberate action. Our work offers leaders the insights they need to embed Kind practices that transform people, teams, workplaces and deliver real-world results for the triple bottom line.

Cole Baker-Bagwell

Co-Founder & Corporate Hippie

Cole is a seasoned business strategist, executive advisor, 30-year mindfulness practitioner and an expert workplace mindfulness facilitator. Her deep corporate experience spans partnering with clients from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Cole’s refreshing and unconventional approach to business is rooted in the tenet that every person and every organisation has the capability to leave everyone and everything better.

As Co-Founder of The Kindness Corporation™ she’s nurturing the soul of business by putting Kindness to work. Cole has cracked the code on how to amplify the human experience at every touchpoint in business. She is an authority on workplace Kindness and its transformative effect on organisational growth, stability and sustainability. She’s reimagining the future of work and setting a new standard for how organisations show up in the world. Cole leads executives to activate individual and systemic change through her methodical approach which deliberately embeds Kind and mindful business practices at the DNA level of organisations.

Leaning into data and science, she and her Co-Founder Magnus Wood developed The Kindness Index™, a diagnostic tool to measure the Kind competency of the organisation. Acting on data driven insights, practical corporate experience and mindful practices, Cole paves the way for organisations to do business that puts people and the planet first.

Magnus Wood

Co-Founder & Houseboat Dweller

Magnus is an executive advisor and master of Kind business. He actually wrote the book, The Kindness Code, on unlocking the power of Kindness at work. As Co-Founder of The Kindness Corporation™, he’s showing the world how to measure and take deliberate actions to create Kinder workplaces that leave people and the planet better.

He is a business executive who leverages data, insights and real-world experience to guide modern leaders to activate the humanity impacted by every business decision. In collaboration with Co-Founder Cole Baker Bagwell, Magnus is an innovator redefining two four-letter words: Kind and work. Through data-driven impact metrics he helps organisations embed kindness as a core competency and scale it across the organisation.

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