We Are You.

We understand the power of Kindness at work.

We’re well intended business rebels who spent decades working in the corporate world.

Our combined experience spans Digital Transformation, Sales, Corporate Strategy and Communications in F500, FTSE350, nonprofits and start-ups. What makes us different is this little twist. Kindness.

  • We understand how people work and work together are the ultimate predictors of organisational success, stability and growth.
  • We understand how organisations take their work into the world determines how well their brand will thrive today and into the future.
  • We’re raising the standard of work through actionable Kindness to lay the foundations for thriving business driven by intentional, pragmatic and responsible action.

We live what we value.

This is who we are and what we stand for individually and collectively. Our values are the compass and litmus test for every choice we make.



Leave everyone and everything better in every thought, word and action.



Whatever you do, do it for the purpose of serving other people, the planet and all beings.



Meet others and the world with the mindset and intention of learning together and discovering what is possible.

How This Whole Thing Started

We could use a lot of long-winded glamorous words to tell you our story. But the simple truth is this. Suffering, passion, the willingness to challenge with good intent and our belief in humanity led us right here. After decades of working for large organisations that did more harm than good, we said, “Enough.” We decided to stop being angry and use our energy to create better.

We left our corporate careers and comfortable salaries. We dug deep and reflected on what we’d learned, what we knew and what we had to share that could possibly help someone else. We came up with a short list of the things we could do to make work better and we launched The Kindness Corporation.

We’ve spent years reading, collecting data, and scouring the research of people far smarter than us. What we learned led to one irrefutable conclusion. Kindness is an essential competency for healthy people and high performing organisations. It makes business better.

So, here we are. Pushing the envelope, powered by a social mission to bring kindness into as many organisations as possible — to create a human movement that redefines this thing we call work.

We’re glad you’re here. We hope you’ll join us.

Magnus Wood

Founder & Workplace Kindness Expert

Magnus comes from the worlds of global corporates and scrappy startups. Powered by the belief that the core role of a leader is to serve and create the environment for people to do their best-ever work, he is an executive advisor to kind and ambitious leaders.

He created the only book that supports everyone at every level to create more workplace kindness, The Kindness Code: Seven Steps to Unlock The Power of Kindness at Work.

Magnus has created The Kindness Index™: the world’s first-ever global benchmark on workplace kindness. These unique insights, combined with practical advisory, Magnus brings to organisations who are focused on powering up their workplace kindness.

Magnus is also a forager, cook, gin-maker, yogi, father of two beautiful daughters, and lives on a houseboat down the river from London.

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