Thrive more, create more impact.

Become a #WorkKind Certified Company



The ROI of workplace kindness is clear.

A deliberate focus on kindness in the purpose, strategies, operating models, mindset, behaviours and practices produces positive people and business outcomes:

  • Investments in workplace kindness create a positive financial return.
  • We have research evidence and operational experience of 15 business benefits of kindness at work.
  • And 12 ways it improves wellbeing.

How do improvements including increased: trust, wellbeing, engagement, teamwork, productivity, performance, innovation, DE&I, talent attraction & retention, return on salary… sound to you?

#WorkKind leads to better.

#WorkKind. Your people thrive. They create the company everybody wants.

Tackle head-on the issues that workers are experiencing.
Create the environment for people to thrive and create their best-ever work.

  • Super-charge purpose with kindness.
  • Keep and attract the best talent.
  • Create more positive outcomes for people, planet and profit.
  • Become a #WorkKind Certified Company and tell the world about your commitment to #WorkKind.

A #WorkKind Certified Company is who you are.


Are you one of the 10 7?

In 2023 we will certify 10 companies as kind. 3 are in progress. Is your company next?

In 2023 The Kindness Corporation will work with a maximum of 10 organisations and support them in fully leveraging the power of workplace kindness.

We are looking for exemplars of what it means to #WorkKind. We want to support those organisations to become stronger through kindness, and work with them to share their story to celebrate their work to #WorkKind which will inspire others.

Certification takes no more than 8 weeks and everyone is making the same investment of £5,000.

Let’s talk about becoming a #WorkKind Certified Company
KCert Card

Become a #WorkKind Company. Certify and stand for kindness.

Six stages.

Transparent pricing.


Discovery half-day meetings / video calls with team leaders and selected colleagues.


Run The Kindness Index™ with all employees — measure and benchmark your operational kindness.


Run The Kindness Index™ with project sponsors only.


We analyse your data, comparing it with our global benchmark and operational experience. We walk you through and workshop as needed:

  1. How you currently #WorkKind.
  2. How you compare with all organisations and best-in-class organisations.
  3. What are you force multipliers that drive kindness.
  4. Where work is needed and how we recommend you make #WorkKind core to all aspects of how you work.


Based on our assessment of your performance we will certify you as a #WorkKind Certified Company. Earn the right to display the certification badge. Join a monthly gathering of #WorkKind Certified Company leaders. Renewable yearly.


We meet for up to half a day to workshop where you currently are and develop solutions and actions as needed.


On your certification year anniversary, we start again.

In 2023 all #WorkKind Certified Companies will make the same investment of £5,000.

#WorkKind Certified Company employees can also join the #WorkKind Community at a discounted rate of $150/person.

For free, right now, you can have an initial assessment of How kind is your company?