Workplace Kindness Made Possible by VAA-VOOM

I recently had a conversation with a senior leader that went something like this. They said they’d been following my our work at The Kindness Corporation™. Something about the benefits of workplace kindness was resonating. They were beginning to see opportunities for their company to evolve and grow. Last year was especially tough for them. After sharing a few details, they asked, “How do we start bringing kindness into our workplace culture?”

I answered their question by saying, “Start measuring what you value. When it comes to workplace kindness, it’s all about VAA-VOOM!”

Silence followed. Then the (very logical) question number two, “So, what exactly is VAA-VOOM?”

I broke it down into these seven steps, made easy to remember with one snappy little acronym.

Values. These words tell the world who we are and what we stand for individually and collectively. They are at once the compass and litmus test for our choices. If you want to bring kindness into your workplace culture, start by adding kindness as one of your core corporate values.

Action and Accountability. Next, live into what you value. Action fuelled by values creates artefacts. Whatever we value has to come through in every choice we make. Lip service is pointless.

Awareness. Personal and collective awareness creates consistency of choice that leaves everyone and everything better.

Vigour. Work individually and collectively with vigour- a steadfast commitment to bring kindness into every thought, word and action.

Operationalise. Weave kindness into your business language, engrain it in your ethos and your actions to multiply its power and effects.

Optimise. Practice kindness consistently. Bake it into your workplace DNA at every touchpoint possible. Kindness helps people, organisations and business outcomes thrive.

Measure. Abandon the antiquated measures of “success”. Choose to measure systemic workplace kindness every bit as much as you measure profitability. This last step brings VAA-VOOM full circle.

The math is simple. We measure what we value. Our choices and actions have the same origin. It can take time for organisations to change- especially larger ones. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wait.

The VAA-VOOM formula works the same whether you are one person or a 500,000 person company. So, stop waiting. Get bold. Show up sassy. Choose kindness and start by bringing a littleVAA-VOOM into your workplace culture. This is the magic for the triple bottom line

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