Workplace kindness boils down to magnets and paperclips

Sure. We can cite mathematical formulas and data- social science, physical science and neuroscience as proof points for prioritising kindness in our workplaces. It’s powerful stuff, but at the end of the day, workplace kindness boils down to magnets and paper clips.

Understanding how a magnet works is key. It’s the force created when atoms are in alignment that attracts things with common properties. For example, paper clips.

Alignment= Force= Pull.

The massive range of emotions and energies we share:  love, hate, stress, fear, anger, trust, bias, patience, anxiety, rage, generosity, positivity, negativity, kindness– work just like magnets. What we share determines who and what we attract, the outcomes we create and the experiences we have.

Think of yourself as a magnet. Then, ask yourself these three questions:.

What am I sharing?
What am I attracting?
What do I need to change to attract the paper clips I want?

Collaborative, creative, high trust, productive, innovative, thriving workplaces require intention and attention to this simple rule of magnets and paper clips.

We have to redirect our attention. We have to move away from solely focusing on the traditional, commercial measures of success we’ve prioritised and place intention on what we share and how we align.

Instead of making workplace kindness hard, we have to prioritise it. We can understand the power and promise it holds by remembering the simple truth about magnets and paper clips

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