Trust, have fun and perform.


Kind teams outperform all others.

The secrets of high-performing teams was the quest of Google’s Project Aristotle. After two years analysing 180 teams and hundreds of different data sets, they uncovered the #1 factor that creates high performing teams.

Psychological safety. Employees felt it was far more important how team members worked together compared to who was on the team.

As they said, “Psychological safety should be considered as the fundamental platform from which everything else thrives.”

Kindness creates trust and psychological safety in teams faster than anything we know.

Become the team you want to be.

Address the issues that are holding you back and re-boot the team.

  • Thrive with each other, support one another, and create peak performance.
  • Sharpen purpose, impact, and outcome focus.
  • Become a #WorkKind Certified Team. Earn the right to display the certification badge. Show everybody in your organisation and beyond that you are committed to peak performance and that you #WorkKind.

A #WorkKind Certified Team is who you are.


Teams that work with passion, focus, and together.

Change only happens when people want it. Together, we will create the team you know you can be.

Three stages.

Transparent pricing.

We know this simple approach works:

  1. Discovery half-day meeting / video calls with team leaders and selected members.
  2. Team Workshop experience creation
  3. Half-day workshop.

We can also create unique and memorable team experiences based on your needs. All with kindness at the heart.

We’d like to have as many #WorkKind Certified Teams as possible. That’s why our pricing is based on what you can afford; the investment is banded by annual income.

Depending on positive workshop outcomes all pricing levels include becoming a #WorkKind Certified Team which lasts for 1 year. Renewal in year 2 follows the same three-stage process and cost. Excludes expenses, travel time and workshop expenses.

Annual income:

  • Up to $160,000: $1,000
  • $160 – £2m: $3,000
  • Up to $5m: $6,000
  • £$5m+: $10,000

Team members can also join the #WorkKind Community at a discounted rate of $150/person.