A community, mindset, call to action, way of working and the workplace mindfulness course created for real people in the workplace like you.

Work with more ease, joy, connection and sense of purpose.

For people who want more from work.

You’ll work about 92,000 hours (nearly 11 years) during your life. ‘Waves’ like unhealthy workplace cultures, miscommunication, sub-par leadership, deadlines, re-orgs, competing interests, changes on your team, changes in your role (and a host of others) will roll in.

The difference between you surviving and thriving is knowing how to navigate these ‘waves.’ Knowing how to be healthy, work with purpose, have fun and enjoy the ride.

When people thrive, organisations perform.

For organisations who want their people to thrive.

A secular workplace mindfulness course designed to boost mental fitness and organisational health by teaching people how to surf the ‘waves’ of business and thrive-together.

Our eight-week experience helps people develop mindfulness and kindness as core business competencies. The course content is a sea of real-life corporate experience, neuroscience, research, and practices that give people the skills, actionable tools, and mindset, they need to boost resilience, work with more focus, ease, control and clarity- to surf the ‘waves’ of business and thrive.