Surf the ‘waves’ of business better together.

Work Kind™ is the workplace mindfulness course designed to help real people navigate the real ‘waves’ of work, better together.

Organisations thrive when people thrive.

Did you know we’re born to be compassionate, collaborative, generous and focused? It’s true. Amplifying these capacities leads to high functioning, trust filled, engaged, and profitable organisations where people, brands and business outcomes thrive. Learning how to Work Kind™ is the starting point.

Change your workplace by changing how you work.

Our eight-week, secular workplace mindfulness course is designed to boost individual and organisational health by teaching people how to surf the ‘waves’ of business and thrive-together. The difference between surviving and thriving is knowing how to navigate these ‘waves.’ Knowing how to be healthy, work with purpose, have fun and enjoy the ride.

Participants learn how to develop mindful awareness and kindness as core business competencies. Our format is interactive. Our content blends real-life corporate experience, neuroscience, and research with essential practices, tools, and skills people need to surf the ‘waves’ of business, stay healthy and thrive.

Work Kind™ is a mindset, and a commitment to leave everyone and everything better.

It’s a choice to work with soul that changes work.

Healthier people

Better overall health
Lower stress and anxiety
Less overwhelm
More resilience
Higher emotional intelligence
Improve cognitive function
Increase focus, retention, creativity
Improve effectiveness

Healthier workplace cultures

Thriving workplace cultures
Greater emotional intelligence
Increased ability to adapt
Higher levels of trust
Improved communication
Higher levels of organisational stability
Increased organisational bench strength

Work Kind sessions run once a quarter for eight weeks.

Reserve your spot in one of our upcoming sessions.
Max capacity is 50 humans per quarter.

Meet the creator and facilitator of Work Kind™.

Cole is a seasoned business strategist, executive advisor, 30-year mindfulness practitioner and skilled workplace facilitator.

Her work with clients from Silicon Valley to Wall Street underscored two facts. Business is a human thing. Nurturing the soul of business is essential. She created Work Kind™ to transform the workplace experience, one person at a time. Cole is an authority on workplace Kindness and its transformative effect on organisational growth, stability and sustainability. Work Kind™ combines her knowledge and deep experience with the practices that led to her own success in the corporate world, and beyond.


Course Snapshot

Section 1
Cultivating Self Awareness

Week 1: An Introduction to Mindfulness

Week 2: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness: Connecting Mind, Body and Soul

Week 3: Mindful Practices for Real Life

Week 4: Thriving with Mindfulness, Living with Compassion

Section 2
Thriving in the Workplace

Week 5: Ego, Agenda, Bias and False Narratives

Week 6: Working Mindfully to Improve Your Experience and Outcomes

Week 7: Kindness, Connection and Compassion in the Workplace

Week 8: Essential Practices and Tools for Thriving at Work


Anyone who wants to thrive at work.

Work Kind™ is designed for all levels and roles.

Because let’s face it. Work can be challenging.

Work Kind™ focuses on helping people develop core competencies that boost individual and organisational happiness, effectiveness and thriveability.

Work Kind™ is a woo-woo free zone.

Our secular curriculum blends deep corporate experience with science, tools, techniques and practices to help people work more intentionally with less friction, greater connection and success.
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Work Kind™ amplifies training investments.

Work Kind™ helps people create the mindset that helps them apply what they’ve learned in training rooms.

This course is delivered on Microsoft Teams.

Work Kind™ course participants will register for either the EST or GMT time zone and meet 90 minutes, one night per week for 8 weeks from 6-7:30PM.

$1,100 / £833 per person

All major credit cards accepted. Also payable by invoice.
We offer a discounted rate for non-profits, educational institutions and start-ups.

Business challenges and waves aren’t so different to us.

We can get crushed without the right skills or we can learn to navigate them and enjoy the ride.

Let's grab a few minutes to talk about your organisation.