Learn how to surf the waves of work and thrive.

You’ll work about 92,000 hours (about 10 and a half whole years) during your life. Chances are, ‘waves’ like unhealthy workplace cultures, miscommunication, sub-par leadership, deadlines, re-orgs, competing interests, changes on your team, changes in your role (and a host of others) will roll in.

The difference between surviving and thriving is knowing how to navigate these ‘waves.’ Knowing how to be healthy, work with purpose, have fun and enjoy the ride.

Thrive today. Prepare for the metaverse.

Join a good vibes community of professional people who are working with soul, learning together, and reimagining work.

The demands of today’s global economy and hybrid work environments have us navigating more challenges than ever. These ‘waves’ are harming our physical health and mental health. Without the right tools, they lead to stress, anxiety, loneliness, burnout, and discord.

We created this community to help people just like you meet the challenges of today with more knowledge, sense of wellbeing and prepare to kick-ass tomorrow and thrive.

Carve out an hour for yourself every week. Slow down, recharge, and become part of a good vibes supportive community learning how to navigate the ‘waves’ of work, stay on the board, and enjoy the ride.

Work Kind™ is a mindset, and a commitment to leave everyone and everything better.

You don’t have to surf alone.

Millions of people are struggling to balance work, life and stay afloat. Share experiences in a supportive cohort environment. Pick up core tools and practices to be healthier at work and happier in life:

  • Learn practices to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce the negative impact of work on your mental health.
  • Overcome the overwhelm ‘swells’, create balance and live better.

Choose to thrive.

Work can be joyous- filled with purpose. You can leave your workday feeling happy and fulfilled. As a member of the Community, you’ll learn tools and practices to help you:

  • Navigate challenges with more ease and flow.
  • Work with more focus, joy and purpose.
  • Grow your mindset, relationships and career

For the Dreamers and Doers.

The Work Kind™ Community is for you if:

  • You believe you deserve to thrive at work.
  • If you believe in your power to work and leave everyone and everything better.
  • You want to be healthier, happier, and be part of positively impacting the Human Era of work.

Community Benefits:

  • A Year of Support and Kind Vibes.
    Your membership fee of $200 covers 46 weeks (about 10 and a half months) and gives you access to the Work Kind™ alumni community forever.
  • Monday Community session
    Live learning with Cole and Magnus every week, interactive cohort discussion, breakouts, Q&As, tools and practices.
  • Work Kind™ Community on Teams
    Join the membership community on Teams, with access to downloadable tools and practices to support you and help you thrive after we disconnect every week.
  • Become a Workplace Kindness Activist
    Join the movement to #workkind. Community members will receive a recognition badge to add to their resume and LinkedIn profile to show the world they’re creating the workplaces of the future.

Surf’s Up for the Work Kind™ Community on Tuesday, September 13th

Meet Your Surf Guides.

The story behind Work Kind™

Cole Baker-Bagwell

Some would say a Wall Street conference room is one of the most unlikely places on Earth to be inspired by kindness. But for me, it’s a testament to the magic we can realize by intentionally architecting spaces for one other to slow down, unfold, connect and work with shared purpose.

30 or so people, who were ordered to work together, shuffled into the room. There was no talking or eye contact. Instead, they did what was safe and opened their laptops to catch up on email, social media or to play Angry Birds. Quietly sequestered, their only goal was to get to the end of those hours and survive.

We’d come together to solve a series of complex problems in environments that managed $50 billion in financial trading every day. Their job was to keep those technical environments on the rails. Mine was to lead them to the right place.

At the start of the meeting, I made a choice. Instead of the usual introductions and agenda, I asked everyone to turn off their laptops and phones. We took a few deep breaths. Then, I said, “My intention is to leave you better. If you can agree to do the same, we will accomplish amazing things here today. We will fill these whiteboards with our best ideas, and we will leave here knowing exactly what to do.”

They hadn’t seen that coming. After the confusion wore off, the whole vibe shifted. Heads nodded. A few people even smiled. That room came alive with the sound of smart voices sharing ideas, debating, agreeing- collaborating. Everyone gave their best. When we left the conference room that day, the whiteboards were filled, we all knew what to do next. We agreed to work kind and because we did, we left each other better.

Cole Baker-Bagwell. Workplace Mindfulness Leader, Human Whisperer, Corporate Hippie.

Magnus Wood

Working Kind. I’d been doing it all my corporate and startup career but I had simply never called it that. I’ve always believed that work is about showing up with your uniqueness, creating great work, and making a positive impact. Yet, for too long in my career and for the people around me, work simply wasn’t like that. Everyone I knew in my advertising and marketing career were stressed, anxious and overwhelmed most of the time. The companies I worked in felt they were battling just to stand still. Scarcity, struggling to grow, and unhappiness seemed to be the way work is.

Work Kind™ is nothing less than a revolution at work. It is working in ways that give us joy, meaning and self expression. It is thriving, laughing and growing in our teams. And it is every organisation making its unique positive impact on the world.

Yes, Work Kind™ is a community and a course. More importantly — it is a way of life.

Magnus Wood. Chief Kindness Officer, Author, Houseboat Dweller.


How to overcome work’s challenges, grow, and thrive at work and beyond.

People, just like you, who want to thrive at work.

A blend of practice, discussion and actionable tools.

How to overcome work’s challenges, grow, and thrive at work and beyond.

You’ll meet weekly with a group of like-minded folk who’ve got your back.

On Microsoft Teams at 12PM EST and 5PM GMT for 46 weeks (about 10 and a half months).

Our 2022-2023 global cohort will kick off September 13th.

$200 for the year. Less than one fancy cup of coffee a day.

The master of Mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn once said “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” We reckon that’s not a bad way to look at work.

Work the way you've always wanted.