Eat less. Lose weight. Stop drinking. Stop smoking. Sit less. Spend less. Get botox.
Popular resolutions – decision points. Inward and restrictive in nature. Aimed at improving ourselves. Roughly 92% of us drop the self improvement ball before the end of Q1. “Self” is not enough to fuel us. Inherently, we know there’s much more.

This may sound crazy but what the hell. It’s a new year so why not go big?
What if we move the lens away from self and instead resolve to affect and improve something far bigger, more profound and consequential? Could the pursuit of we motivate us to keep going?

Over the span of 2021, I reflected on the people I work with and the work we did together. Specifically, I got curious about the essential factors needed to create sustainable commitment and action. Here’s what I learned.

  1. The commitment must be simple.
  2. The why and how must be clearly understood.
  3. The effort must positively impact something bigger than ourselves.

Incremental success and support fuel consistency and longevity of action over time. An acknowledgement that we are contributing to and improving something far bigger than ourselves motivates us to stick with it- to keep going. Innately, we are more “we” than “I”. Pause here. Think about the greatest movements and achievements across our human history.

Resolving to work kind is a “we” thing that begins with I. Kindness is about employing the best of our individual selves for the benefit of all of us. Kindness improves everything we create, experience and share.

There is no mysterious, elusive or elaborate beginning. There are no complex organisational frameworks or overhauling required. There are simply the three points mentioned earlier. That’s where the magic of “we” begins.

  • If we can agree to drop the flowery words and define kindness, simply as a commitment to leave everyone and everything better we can satisfy point #1. We have a simple place to start.
  • If we can understand that by individually and collectively embracing this commitment, everyone and everything benefits, we’ve got our why.
  • If we can understand that applying this commitment to every thought, word and action is our how, we’ve got point #2 covered.
  • Finally, if we can understand that we unequivocally are at an inflection point and that every decision we make will define and impact the next 100 years and beyond, we can connect with the profound power we hold to positively impact something far bigger than ourselves now and into time. Point #3. Check.

Be kind to yourself. You’re a beautiful human. Flip your resolution lens and let’s resolve to do something bigger, together this year. Let’s embrace a steady diet of kindness. Let’s give it a workout and develop new muscles that help us leave everyone and everything better. Let’s let everything we think, say and do flow from that place. It’s hard to get much wrong if we all start right here

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