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The Kindness Code Book

Seven Keys to Unlock the Power of Kindness at Work

The Kindness Code book by Magnus Wood is for anyone who wants more kindness at work. No matter where you are in your career, you will find science-based information, insights and practical tips to instantly ignite kindness within your organisation.

If you’re a leader of a global corporation—great! You will learn how cultivating a culture of Kindness can have a positive impact on your triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. Employees love working in Kind environments. Customers and consumers adore Kind companies. The evidence reveals unquestionably that when you invest in Kindness as a leader, the rewards come back in spades.

However, the secret superpower of this book lies in the revelation that you don’t have to be the boss to make a difference. Anyone, repeat ANYONE can start a Kindness revolution at work. The Kindness Code takes you by the hand and walks you through seven highly practical ways that you can start practicing kindness immediately and influence the environment around you.

Packed full of recent research, this book proves that Kindness is the future for successful, sustainable organisations. If you manage a small team and want performance improvements without the whip-cracking—this book shows you how to achieve it. If you run a huge multi-national and want to infuse the entire organisation with Kindness—you’ll learn it in the book.

Perhaps most importantly of all, if you’re a small voice within a noisy and sometimes unkind organisation, and you wonder how on earth you can create impact—BUY THIS BOOK! It has already been described as “the most empowering read on Kindness in the workplace you’ll ever encounter.”


“A powerful and accessible account of the importance and impact of kindness at work – must read! This book clearly and succinctly expresses just how much kindness can transform our lives at work and beyond. It’s a powerful argument for the simple steps every one of us can take at work, in whatever roles we have, to create a kinder world. Drawing on research as well as personal experience, this ‘Kindness Code’ shines a light on the nature of kindness and its impacts on our work and our well-being.” — Professor Robin Banerjee, Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex

“We need kindness more than ever in our workplaces. This book is timely. It will help us to see that we can all take acts of leadership and spread kindness as we work.” — Susie Hills, Founder of #Teamkind and #kindfest2020

“Beautifully written, science backed and human facing. Practical, powerful and timely, this exploration of kindness and it’s power to transform individuals and the businesses they create and work in could not be more appropriate to the times we are in. This book contains all the data, evidence, insight and application you could need to join the kindness revolution and presents it in an uplifting and accessible way. Highly recommended.” — Jane Murray, Founder & CEO of Peacebeam, Kindness Capital Pioneer

“A word from someone making you feel safe and secure, a hand on the shoulder, a notice of your success, feeling included, purposeful and wanted. It is extraordinary, the impact that small acts of kindness can have on a person, particularly when they may need it most and it may not be apparent. This book is rammed full of stats and facts to display how and why kindness impacts us and provides the breeding ground for success (whatever that means to you) in each of our lives.” — Peter McGahan, CEO of Worldwide Financial Planning 

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