It was the best job in the world…until it wasn’t.

I was waking up every weekday and wishing I hadn’t. My first thoughts were of the upcoming workday — the conflicts and meetings that would take up my time and leave me with no time to do my work — too much work that the team and I were expected to complete in too little time and with too few resources. Every day was stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

I was burned out. Struggling. Not giving my best at work. Or in the rest of my life. Family and friends looked on helplessly, not knowing how to support me but wishing they could.

Work can and should be a source of great joy, meaning, creativity, personal achievement, and pride… but for far too many of us, it isn’t.

85% of us hate or are disengaged from our jobs.*

Maybe this is you now. Or maybe my story speaks to you because you’ve been here and fear being here again.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Kindness is the answer.

Kindness to self. Kindness to others. Kindness to the planet.

Kindness at work.

It’s not soft. It’s not gentle. It’s not weak.

Kindness is having the courage to speak up and act when you know something is wrong.

Kindness is putting other people first because that’s what the team and the project need.

Kindness is thriving at work.

It is how YOU create work that is full of joy, meaning, and positive impact.

It is literally thriving at work — every day increasing numbers of people like you and me stand up and say, “I will not work this way any more.”

There is a quiet, kind revolution at work.

It started for me when I left a job I hated to live a life I love.

Now, I’m blessed to be surrounded by a growing group of people who are kind to their core. Who #WorkKind for themselves, for others, and for the planet.

As one of our members described us: “It’s a space to share and talk with compassionate executives without feeling like you’re a weirdo for wanting something different at work.”

And another member shared a quote from Marcus Rashford: “Always remember, kindness is power.”

Kindness is power. When are you going to reclaim yours?

Join us. Join your tribe. Join the #WorkKind Community.

Let’s chat about how we can support you with kindness.

#workkind #thriveatwork #bekind

* Search: Gallup, ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’