The Kindness Index™

21st century business is being called to care more, give more, be more.

The Kindness Index™ measures operational kindness — the human standard for business excellence. This trademarked SaaS based tool shifts ‘success’ away from traditional commercial metrics to a business benchmark focused on humanity, corporate responsibility and untapped potential.

How kind is your business?

Leaders of kick-ass organisations know the answer.

Organisational health and pulse surveys give leaders a sort of “meh” snapshot. We offer a mirror and a blueprint to better. We unlock the human insights you didn’t realise you needed and help you tune the dials.

The Kindness Index™ is a unique measure of the fundamental human skills, competencies and behaviours that influence how we feel, engage and work together. Run it solo or as a valuable companion to your existing surveys to take your organisation further

Our data-based SaaS based tool gives leaders a totally different way to think about their people, lead their organisations and take clear action that develops trust, unlocks creativity, boosts collaboration & innovation, mitigates risk, and creates high performing rock star organisations.

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Get a human view into your business.

The Kindness Index™ measures operational kindness — the essential, human elements that power business.

Kindness Promoter Score™ is an objective and subjective score that helps leaders operationalise kindness to optimise their workplaces and supercharge people and performance.

When you become a Certified #WorkKind Company you tell the world that people thrive because of your business values, policies, practices and culture.

Kindness is the human KPI of high functioning organisations.

People create business outcomes that fuel the bottom line. Science has proven people thrive when kindness is expressed and embedded into an organisation’s DNA.

Kindness is the basis for trust, engagement, creativity, collaboration, accountability, innovation and growth. It’s the foundational element that creates thriving workplace cultures where people are motivated to realise their best and contribute their best.

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