Wellbeing: /ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/ The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Of course kindness supports individual and collective well-being at work. But that’s only a fraction of the story. Kindness is an innate human capacity. A force for good. A choice. It is the catalyst for transformation. We’re talking transformation on a level that turns a chrysalis into a butterfly.

When kindness is embedded into the DNA of an organisation; into its purpose, philosophy, operating model, operational and organisational design, policies, procedures, culture, and ‘the way we do things ‘round here’, it becomes the ethos that allows us to understand and experience its full power.

Kindness is a human connection point. It brings people together. It creates the foundation for psychologically safe workplaces where employees can show up and share their ideas objectively. Workplaces where employees at every level understand why their work matters because they are connected to the executive vision and mission for the organisation.

Kindness is the catalyst for trust and collaboration. It’s the igniter of innovation. Kindness transforms the work we do into collective activities that align toward shared common goals and actions. It allows people to share the individual joy of being on teams that flow, grow and get shit done. Kindness empowers people individually and collectively to do their best-ever work.

It has the power to enrich our organisations, the communities our organisations are part of, the places they hire from and draw resources from to create goods that become products. Organisational kindness leaves people and the planet better

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