Buying coffee for a stranger. Holding the door. Smiling at a colleague. Complimenting someone’s outfit. These are random acts of kindness that truthfully lean more toward ‘nice.’ Kind and nice are not the same.

When we want to get better at something, bring people together or encourage them to take action, do we meet those moments randomly? Of course not. If we want to be effective, we have to be deliberate.

Being deliberate requires awareness of how we are showing up and why. Sometimes, it’s stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone to get clear feedback that helps us connect, learn, improve and grow.

Thoughtfully and deliberately demonstrate the kind behaviour you want to encourage. This is the advice we share with senior management who say they want to create an organisational foundation of kindness and experience its countless transformational benefits in business. Deliberately encouraging, supporting and amplifying the kind activities of influential people at all levels with good work social networks is the way we can create evergreen kindness movements at work.

The power of kindness is not random. It is deliberate. It is a force for good. It is a choice we make at every moment to leave everyone and everything better. Unleashing the power of kindness begins deliberately, with every one of us

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