My name is Magnus and I’m a practitioner of Kind. I worked for over 25 years in advertising, marketing and as a management consultant with some of the world’s leading brands in markets all over the world. Reading tens of thousands of documents, analysing countless pieces of research, and giving presentations on ‘The Next Big Thing’, were once the daily duties of my life. I’ve rebranded, relaunched, pivoted, transformed. I’ve even Hackathoned and Google Sprinted.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned. Despite every good intention, the reality is, most of the strategic recommendations, programs implemented, the stress and late nights spent staring at my computer screen boiled down to a complete waste of time. Some of these things introduced further complexity with very little upside. Others were launched on a hope and a prayer without the vision or understanding of what was really needed to catalyze change. The ‘Next Big Thing’ is funny like that. It can fracture our attention with all of its promise and not get us very far.

Across my journey, I discovered ‘The Thing’- the one that is simple to understand, essential to every human being, every organisation and proven to work. (Oh, and you won’t have to attend a fancy conference or finance the running costs of my narrow boat to find out what it is.) ‘The Thing’ is kindness- putting kindness to work.

Specifically, it is the deliberate focus, action, evaluation, adoption, commitment to and encouragement of kindness that transforms organisations. The reason is just as simple. Kindness transforms us. It changes the way we show up, work and work together.

The entry point to change doesn’t require a meeting of your board or shareholders. It doesn’t require a reorganisation or a massive investment in new programs. It requires one decision from you, right here, right now. Make the choice to commit to kindness; to leaving everyone and everything better in every moment, one moment at a time. This is your pivot point

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