Stand out by telling the world you’re committed to working Kind.

KCert Card

Meet the new badge of business excellence.

Employees, investors and customers are more conscious than ever.

People want to work for, invest in and buy from companies who care, give back and stand for more. We can help you get there. K-Certification™ is the first business certification recognising kindness at an operational level. It tells the world:

  1. We are a human-first workplace. We have optimised our workplace with the mindset, values, and behaviours that allow people to thrive.
  2. We are committed to engaging in business practices that positively impact people and create social good.
  3. Our leadership is conscious, committed and courageous. We practice what we value and take kind action, even when it’s hard.

Kind organisations stand for more.

Choose and live values that honour people.

Create diverse, respectful cultures with intention and collective accountability.

Create operational constructs that support the inclusion, wellbeing and growth of every employee.

Make choices and decisions that positively impact people and create social good.

Get recognised for putting humanity and social good at the core of your business.

The K-Certification™ is awarded to organisations that work at every turn to express kindness at an operational level to ensure their business practices positively affect people and create social good.

The process is straightforward. Organisations qualify by achieving a score of 80% or higher on the Kindness Index™. Re-certification is required annually.

K-Certification™ Benefits:

  • Brand excellence
  • Market differentiation
  • A competitive talent attractor
  • An outward statement to employees, investors and customers that your organisation is wholly committed to positively impacting people and creating social good

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