Is The Post Pandemic Workplace Any Better?

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”– Winston Churchill

I was grabbing a few things at my local market yesterday when I noticed the shift. The vibe was hurried- less kind than it’s been for two years. The parking lot was like a scene from The Hunger Games. It made me wonder… 

Are we living better? Working better? 

Are we moving forward with kindness, deeper purpose, and intelligent humility? Is the post pandemic workplace any better? Or, are we blindly reverting to factory settings and missing an historical opportunity to create, grow and thrive together?

We’re navigating multiple crises. Stats, like the ones below, are sobering. Here’s the other side of that somewhat depressing coin. We’re at a point in time that’s jumping up and down like a persistent toddler, demanding our attention and intention. We have opportunities to create better and they have never been more necessary. 

  1. 21 trillion: The total worth of the companies who failed to report their negative impact on the planet in 2021

  2. 47 million: The number of employed folks in the U.S. who said “Sayonara baby!” to their employers in 2021

  1. 89%: The number of people who experienced workplace burnout in 2021

The business world holds incredible power to positively impact people and the planet in astronomical ways. The leaders of this world have to stand for more, care more and give more to maximise that power.

  • When we work kind, every business decision begins with the commitment to leave people and the planet better. It means we work mindfully, with transparency, accountability and care to create better.

Leaders have an opportunity to not only understand why people left their jobs, leadership and employers but to spend time understanding what needs to change about work so they’ll want to stay, contribute and create extraordinary business outcomes?

  • Kind leaders engage purposefully, with care, to leave everyone and everything better. They value, trust, inspire and empower. They know the people they lead are their greatest asset and this makes them wise, as well as kind.

Finally, as we consider these numbers, we have an opportunity to reduce workplace burnout and hey, even make this officially classified disorder of epidemic proportions,  a thing of the past.

  • Workplace kindness means putting people at the top of the organisational priority list. It moves leaders to staunchly focusing their efforts on creating workplace conditions that enable people to thrive because they care for their impact fuels the way they lead.

We’re here. Still navigating multiple crises. We have an opportunity to create better. I have to wonder. What decisions will we make? What would Sir Churchill say?

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