How kind is your company?

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How kind is your company? Does work suck less and people thrive more? You’re a few questions away from knowing you’re a #WorkKind company. We work with kind companies every day. Our years of experience and research have taught us the questions to ask to help us establish whether, in your company, work sucks less and people thrive more. The questions below integrate with The Kindness Index™, our unique benchmark of workplace kindness. So, let’s find out: How kind is your company?

We help work suck less and businesses thrive more. #WorkKind

We exist to help people and companies thrive. To #WorkKind

We believe work should be one of the most fulfilling parts of life. We believe that business is a force for good. We want to accelerate the growth of purpose-driven people and planet positive businesses. But work sucks for too many people. And leaders need these people to thrive. Kindness creates thriving organisations that thrive more, stand for more, care for more and give more. That’s why we exist. Our Why. #WorkKind

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