We solve two people problems.

Work sucks for too many people.

Their mental and physical health suffer.
The ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ are their answer.

Leaders need people to thrive.

People cannot do their best work when work isn’t working for them. Their performance suffers.


The number of Americans who quit their jobs in January 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The number of people who reported workplace burnout in 2021, according to a Visier study.


The number of business executives who reported at least one mental health issue in 2021.

Wake up Kick ass be kind repeat. The Kindness corporation

Workplace kindness is our answer.

There are 1 billion people on the planet working full-time. We’re a boutique executive advisory putting kindness to work to improve their human experience, supercharge performance and support organisations in being a force for good.
The commitment, discipline and practice of workplace kindness leads to better:

  • Work where people thrive, work on purpose, and grow.
  • Leaders get the best of themselves and the people they lead.

We call this #WorkKind

Work can be a source of positivity. Getting out of the drudgery zone boils down to how we work and work together. It’s about our mindset, choices, behaviour, language and living those values that hang on the wall. That’s where we come in.

Our Why for The Kindness Corporation is simple. We’re doing what we can to make work suck a lot less for the 1 billion humans on the planet who are working full-time by making kindness the default competency, value, behaviour, mindset, and habit of the working world.

We can help you #WorkKind

We solve the work sucks problem, and support the growth of cultures where people thrive and perform at their best:

How kind is your business?

Leaders of kick-ass organisations know the answer.

Organisational health and pulse surveys give leaders a blah, blah, blah snapshot. We give them a mirror and a blueprint to better.

The Kindness Index™ measures the fundamental human skills, competencies and behaviours that influence how we feel, engage and work. The human stuff that brings us together or tears us apart. 

Our painless, SaaS based tool gives leaders a totally different way to think about their people and their organisations to unlock creativity, collaboration, innovation and engagement, mitigate risk, and lead high performing rock star organisations.

Leaders, start here

When it comes to Kindness, we nerd out, obsess and go all in.

We live it in our thoughts, words and actions with the intention of inspiring a human movement that benefits people, the planet and redefines work, for the next 100 years.

weve gotten kindness wrong

We’ve gotten kindness wrong

Kindness in business is as logical as peanut butter and jelly. Butterfly collars and disco. Movies and popcorn. Labs and tennis balls. Perfectly paired as they are, kindness hasn’t made it onto the corporate main stage- yet…

#Workkind Kick Off. Oct 25th

Learn more. Join the community. Learn how to #workkind.

PIRATE Summit: Sept 6th. #RaiseYourself

Arrr me hearties! Magnus is speaking at the PIRATE Summit. Inspiring people to #workkind & create the Metaverse we want.