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Business isn’t all about the money and success. It isn’t about how senior you are or how many toys you can buy.

Now, if we’re wrong and these things actually are everything for you, we suspect this message may not be resonating. That’s exactly why you should be reading this- thinking about what drives you, what you consider ‘success’; reflecting and maybe taking that information as a starting point to go about your business a bit differently.

We are building a new world of work. The companies that will thrive, attract the best people (talent), and make the most significant positive impacts in our world are the companies that are kind. Kind in their purpose, their values, their operations models – in everything they are and in everything they do. This isn’t just our opinion. It’s a fact.

The daily reality of the smartest people running the businesses that thrived through the pandemic is they defined success differently. They focused on their people, cherished them and made decisions that supported them above most anything else. They are running kind businesses. The ability to create positive impact inside and outside of their walls, is one of the most powerful definitions of business success.

As a result, their employees feel greater appreciation, loyalty and connection. Those things are fueling them to work even harder; to work together to create solutions to problems that make the whole of the organisation stronger.

Kind companies attract the best people who stay because they have the human conditions they need to thrive. The best ideas come from kind companies because kindness helps people develop trust and trusted workspaces that make collaboration easy- flowing. In kind companies, people are working together and creating innovation that is transforming lives, markets, our planet and disrupting business.

If you’re still convinced that money, titles and toys are the greatest markers of your business success, okay. We see you. But, don’t be surprised when your organisation slips into irrelevance or taken over by a GenZer who understands that success at work is all about valuing people. They will eventually become your worst nightmare the kindest competitor you never saw coming

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