Everyone deserves to thrive at work. The data shows we have work to do

“Dr. MacKerron and the economist Alex Bryson found that work is the second-most-miserable activity. Of 40 activities, only being sick in bed makes people less happy than working.” This data has us up on our soapbox.

Everyone deserves to thrive at work. We can change the data by prioritising the quality of our workplace experiences every bit as much as profitability. Putting kindness to work is the starting block.

  1. Revisit your mission and values. If you’re a leader, scrutinise your decisions. Invest time, attention and effort in embedding kindness into the DNA of your workplace. Environments rich in kindness are trusted, collaborative environments where people are valued, work with purpose, grow and thrive. Prioritise people and the quality of your workplace experience. Ask yourself, “How are we leaving people and the planet better”? 
  2. Kindness is everyone’s responsibility. Commit to kindness. Make it foundational to your leadership strategy, actions and organisational decisions. Every choice counts.
  3. Add kindness to your business language. The movement toward responsible, human centric business is well underway. If you value kindness, live it, speak it, action it, share it, inspire it. Walk the walk.

Everyone deserves to thrive at work. Putting kindness to work is where we start.

Click here to read Seth’s brilliant full New York Times article entitled The Rich Are Not Who We Think They Are.

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