Can Kindness and Profitability Co-Exist?

Let’s be clear. Being profitable is 100% OK. We’re big fans.

When you make a profit you can:
Pay people well.
Do good work.
Add value for all of your stakeholders.
Support the communities you live in and serve.
Give back to positively impact the planet as a whole.

It’s HOW you become profitable that matters.

If you make a profit by driving your people into the ground, screwing everybody and everything for the sake of money, then your business is unkind. That’s where we have to weigh in. You need to shape up. Measuring profitability as your single greatest indicator of ‘success’ is an antiquated mindset (remember the 80’s) that has no place here.

21st century companies know they have to care more, do more, be more. That is the opportunity now and it is the mindset that will determine the future. As we wrap up this entry, let’s be clear.

It is possible to be kind and profitable. When these two coexist, the decisions you make about the way you work will have a positive impact that far exceeds and outweighs what your financial spreadsheet says. This is the way forward. This is kind business

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