Benefits of Kindness in the Workplace

Spring is a time of promise, change and oh baby! Both are blooming in the business world. We’ve been flooded with emails from senior leaders asking us the same thrilling question. “How can you help my business become kinder?” 

We’re seeing a new wave of business thinking emerging. It’s flowing into the corporate arena and the business schools. The benefits of kindness that science realised years ago are not only being realised, they’re being embraced by leaders, employees and educators. We’re on our way to redefining work and that’s a very beautiful thing.

Way back in 2018, before The Kindness Corporation™ was born, an executive coach named Jennifer Spaulding wrote a piece for Forbes Women entitled Science Proves Kindness Is Your Competitive Advantage.

The benefits she shared were based on multiple notable research studies which found: 

Kindness motivates employees.

Kindness improves creativity. 

Kindness increases sales.

Kindness reduces attrition. 

Kindness boosts wellbeing.

Incredibly powerful stuff. Those findings mirrored what we learned informally, across our own corporate careers and formally, through our 2021 global kindness workplace benchmark survey.

Of course leaders want motivated employees who are more creative and thriving. On the heels of the last two years, it’s safe to say most are trying to definer ways to stop their attrition haemorrhage, attract the best people and make their workplaces so awesome that those people stay on for moons. 

When people thrive, business thrives. The big question for most leaders is this. “How do we get there?” If you’re reading this, you’re on your way because you’re curious about the impact of kindness. 

Workplace Kindness is not elusive. Operationalising it boils down to three things: awareness, commitment and practice. That’s where we come in. 

We understand the power of kindness at work. Everything we do is dedicated to helping organisations bring kindness into their DNA so they can realise these benefits of kindness in the workplace and thrive. 

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