B-Corps meet K-Cert.

B-Corp + K-Cert. It’s a lot like this.

Peanut butter cups. We think it’s a marriage made in heaven.

But what’s it got to do with being a B-Corp, you ask?

You understand the importance of sustainability, accountability, transparency and business practices that care for people and heal the planet. You’re making kind choices, even when it’s hard.

B-Corps + Kindness. It’s like, well, peanut butter + chocolate.

Have you heard?

The value of kindness in business has been hiding in plain site. We’re guessing B-Corps know this better than anybody else.
You’ve rolled up your sleeves and done the work to make sure your business practices honour people and the planet. We’re helping great B-Corps amplify their commitment to business excellence.

Meet K-Cert. It tells the world:

  • We are a human-first workplace. We have optimised our workplace with the mindset, values, and behaviours that allow people to thrive.
  • We are committed to engaging in business practices that positively impact people and create social good.
  • Our leadership is conscious, committed and courageous. We practice what we value and take kind action, even when it’s hard.
Wake up Kick ass be kind repeat. The Kindness corporation

Together we can put kindness to work.

Work can be a source of positivity- even when it’s hard. Making it real relies on the right mindset, skills, behaviours, language and choices. That’s where we come in.

We help people develop the competencies and habits they need to supercharge their wellbeing so they can live better, by learning how to #workkind.

We measure kindness as a KPI, because kindness is good for people and they’re the ones driving your bottom line.

And we’re setting a new standard for business excellence by certifying the rock star organisations who put kindness and humanity at the core of their business.

Our Mission

Our Why for The Kindness Corporation is simple. We’re doing what we can to make work suck a lot less for the 1 billion humans on the planet who are working full-time by making kindness the default competency, value, behaviour, mindset, and habit of the working world. .

The math is our motivator.

We’re all about creating vibrant, trust filled, workplaces, where people are healthy, valued, and motivated. Where people are encouraged to show up as their authentic selves. Where people are respected, engage without fear, create with purpose and experience more joy and fulfillment. Work can totally be like this.


The number of Americans who quit their jobs in January 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The number of people who reported workplace burnout in 2021, according to a Visier study.


The number of business executives who reported at least one mental health issue in 2021.

Kindness is the essential human competency for high-performing organisations.

It’s been hiding in plain sight. Until now.


Of business professionals believe businesses have a responsibility to look beyond profit and make a positive impact on society.


Greater profitability, thanks to lower absenteeism and less turnover.


Companies who have CEOs with a good character outperform “self-focused CEOs” by FIVE TIMES.

How kind is your business?

Leaders of kick-ass organisations know the answer.

Organisational health and pulse surveys give leaders a blah, blah, blah snapshot. We give them a mirror and a blueprint to better.

The Kindness Index™ measures the fundamental human skills, competencies and behaviours that influence how we feel, engage and work. The human stuff that brings us together or tears us apart. 

Our painless, SaaS based tool gives leaders a totally different way to think about their people and their organisations to unlock creativity, collaboration, innovation and engagement, mitigate risk, and lead high performing rock star organisations.

Leaders, start here

State of Kind Business Report 2021

The 1st annual business report focused on the impact of workplace kindness.

We parsed our 2021 research into three parts: leaders, employees and key trends.

We surveyed leaders of B-Corps, F500 and FTSE350. We were curious to understand their similarities and differences when it comes to workplace kindness. We also got a pretty solid read on how they think about the relationship between kindness and profitability.

The beefiest part of our research focused on employees. With the help of Dynata™, we gathered insights from more than 2,000 people working in the U.S. and U.K. We learned what motivates them, makes them jump ship, the value they place on workplace kindness and how they feel about some of the world’s biggest companies.

Finally, we highlighted key business trends of 2021 and connected the dots between what is and what is possible when it comes to work.

Get kind. Click here. Read.

When it comes to Kindness, we nerd out, obsess and go all in.

We live it in our thoughts, words and actions with the intention of inspiring a human movement that benefits people, the planet and redefines work, for the next 100 years.

weve gotten kindness wrong

We’ve gotten kindness wrong

Kindness in business is as logical as peanut butter and jelly. Butterfly collars and disco. Movies and popcorn. Labs and tennis balls. Perfectly paired as they are, kindness hasn’t made it onto the corporate main stage- yet…

#Workkind Kick Off. Oct 25th

Learn more. Join the community. Learn how to #workkind.

PIRATE Summit: Sept 6th. #RaiseYourself

Arrr me hearties! Magnus is speaking at the PIRATE Summit. Inspiring people to #workkind & create the Metaverse we want.

We’re the sharp point of a workplace movement that’s happening right now.

We’re infusing the corporate mindset with kindness to help people thrive and organisations realise their best.