Magnus is speaking at the PIRATE Summit this year!


Everyone attending this session will be inspired to #workkind and to take action to create the Metaverse we want, not the one the tech giants are seeking to control for their nefarious ends.

In this session Magnus will share a simple, actionable definition of kindness which we can put to work today. Through a shared mindfulness experience he’ll emotionally connect people with the power of kindness at work. He’ll encourage people to #workkind; so that they thrive, collaborate, create great work, and make a difference. And then he’ll speak about the Metaverse, which is only three years away, with the real risk of the tech giants dominating and controlling for their own nefarious ends. He’ll encourage people to speak up and join the open-source Metaverse Coalition — a call for the hopes, fears, ideas and possibilities for the Metaverse to be heard.

Date: September 6th
Location: Cologne, Germany


About PIRATE Summit

Founded in 2010, PIRATE Summit is a conference specifically designed for entrepreneurs on their journey. It is about connecting, debating and learning. Focused on real life experiences, learning from failure and success. It’s about the messy reality of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Raw and authentic.

Although technology is discussed at PIRATE Summit, it actually isn’t a tech conference. It is a conference for those that use technology as a tool to build something valuable. As such, it is more a conference about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Better humans are better leaders, and better leaders create better businesses.

That’s why this year’s PIRATE Summit will focus not only on what makes businesses better, but also on how people can grow as human beings.

Are you ready to #RaiseYourself?